Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Synthetic Oil Refinery Under Way

One good thing about inter-semester break from university is I get some extra time to my model rail road (amongst other things around the house).
So with this extra time, I have been going flat out with getting Scene #1 (Coal to Synthetic-Oil) built and ready to be wired up for summer operations.

I have finished off the Coke Retort and Empire Gas Works from and placed them on the layout to get idea where structures need to go and to see if I have to add an extra module for space. Once these structures were placed, I have started on the Plastruct Oil Refinery and am beginning to place that on the layout before finishing off the modules fully.

Here is some pictures highlighting the work

Work on the refinery under way with the Coke Retort Tower (back) and Gas Works (front) in place.

To the right of the shot is two plastic spheres which are part of the actual refinery being built.

Coal wagons can be seen as I test capacity of the switching tracks.

Another shot of the refinery

Basically how this work is; the coal trains dump their coal loads into the Coke Retort Tower where it is heated to produce both synthetic (natural gas) and heavy hydrocarbon fluids that can be further refined.
The Empire Gas Works basically cleans up the gas and gets it ready for shipping as synthetic Compressed Natural Gas. The cooked hydrocarbon fluids then go to the refinery to be refined into usable fuels such as synthetic petrol, diesel and heating oil which a terminal (not yet seen or built) will transfer to tank cars to be delivered across the layout.

Going to be a fun layout to operate this Summer when I wire it up having to deal with multiple unit trains of different kinds

Next update soon

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